About the Agency

National Historical Museums (SHMM) is tasked with promoting knowledge of and interest in Sweden’s history and with preserving and developing the cultural heritage that the agency administers. Our operations are to be a matter of interest for everyone in society.

The agency includes the Swedish History Museum and the Royal Coin Cabinet plus the museum operations at Tumba Papermill Museum. Since 2015, the agency has also been responsible for the contract archaeology service known as The Archaeologists.

Our work is largely conducted in collaboration with other agencies, institutions and organisations, the general public, researchers and civil society. This collaboration is a strong contributor to the development of our operations. The agency is also specifically tasked with supporting regional and local museums as part of its mandate.

The core activities of the agency can be divided into three main processes: contract archaeology services, development of the collections, plus communication and visitor development. Associated with these main processes is research and development. In addition to the core activities, the agency also has management and support functions.

The agency has had an Advisory Council in place since 2015. The task of the council is primarily to contribute knowledge, competence and diversity to the agency, to give the Director General advice and support and to meet the need for democratic oversight of and public influence over the agency’s operations. The council comprises: Anders Högberg, associate professor and lecturer at the School of Cultural Sciences, Linnaeus University; Eskil Franck, associate professor of theology and former director of the Living History Forum; Johanna Sandahl, agronomist and chair of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Seher Yilmaz, communications consultant and chair of Equalisters.